Shiseido Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Cream 50ML

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Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Lift Dynamic Cream is an anti-aging treatment that supports the natural moisture potential of the skin. So it becomes more supple and firm again. The dermatologically tested cream gives you back your youthful appearance. It is suitable for women over the age of 30, who demand a high level of anti-aging care and also want quality, efficiency and immediate effect. The Bio-Performance Lift Dynamic Cream by Shiseido is a cosmetic that is easy to apply and produces visible results. Even if you want a revolutionary cosmetic, this cream is perfect for you. The high-tech, efficient and fast care of the skin corrects existing problems and prevents new signs of aging.

Bio-Performance Lift Dynamic Cream by Shiseido – more details and application

Anti-aging care is applied in the morning and evening after using Cleaner and Softener. Then you can also use the series Eye Treatment for maximum results. With regular use, the cosmetics strengthens the self-renewal, so that the skin structure is rebuilt and firmer. In addition, the skin is supplied around the clock with important moisture. The RenoCycle system maintains the control function of the cells and enables their trouble-free repair.


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